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Friday, May 20, 2016


Kelly Mitchell


  1. New Schedule for Warlocks
    26 Jul, 2016
    New Schedule for Warlocks
    For those of you have been following my Kickstarter account, you've probably been patiently waiting for September to roll on by so you could get your book. Unfortunately, because my Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, the schedule will have to be tweaked and some things will have to be postponed indefinitely. First off, I will not be able to create a graphic novella. Because I crafted the cover with a graphic novella in mind, I will need to change my cover. I will still be publishing my debut
  2. Book cover
    23 Jul, 2016
    What is behind 'The Secret Behind Jason Ardac'?
    Born addicted to power, young Warlocks have more in common with ancient mythical beings than with your average teenage witch. But when "normal" high school student Venessa Summers investigates her father's death, she attracts the attention of the mysterious Jason Ardac and becomes entangled in the Dark world of the Warlocks. Check out for more details. Preview the first few pages:
  3. Kickstarter promotion
    16 Jul, 2016
    Kickstarter Campaign and Social Goals
    Kickstarter and Social Goals: Hello everyone. I still have one week left of my Kickstarter campaign, but even if it is not successful I still plan on publishing. I won't be able to create a Graphic novella, obviously, but I can still print and promote my new book. I'm going to set up a schedule and start final designs for my cover. To help spread the word, I have created a Social Goal poster. For the Kickstarter campaign I was posting one new Artifact for every 300 Facebook fans I got, and one