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The Warlocks Series

  1. Warlocks: The Secret Behind Jason Ardac
    Warlocks: The Secret Behind Jason Ardac
This is the first book in a new thrilling, fast-paced Urban Fantasy series for teens and general audiences. Set in contemporary Virginia near Washington D.C., the novel crosses paths between the normal, everyday world and the secret world of the Warlocks. Venessa Summers must uncover a secret conspiracy of the Order and the unveil the Dark world of the Warlocks before choosing a side. Based on my bestselling novella Warlocks: Blue Moon. Recommended for readers 13+

Back of the book blurb: 
When high school student Venessa Summers investigates her father's death, she attracts the attention of Jason Ardac, the new kid in school that seems to have it in for her. But when she notices the talisman that he wears, she uncovers a secret that entangles her in a timeless struggle for power

Born addicted to power, Warlocks have more in common with ancient mythical beings than with an average teenage witch. With the help of Ambrosia and the energy stored in their talismans, Warlocks can teleport, use telekinesis, and other advanced hexes.

Venessa is caught between the dark world of the Warlocks and the Order, a self-appointed group that seeks to protect the human race from the corruption of the Warlocks and Dark Ones. Thrown into a new world of earth-shattering events, Venessa must determine whom she can trust. Both her life and the fate of mankind rest in the balance.
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